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Presenting Business

Jose Manuel Cámara Rodriguez
Aplicaziones - Madrid [ES]
Join the GPSA for the Guard Revolution.
Raimo Vuopionperä
Bamomas - Espoo [FI]
Bamomas has developed modular cloud utilizing Industry 4.0 - Pay as you Go! - service solution to monitor Industrial Batteries.
Raul Oliveira
IPBRICK - Private Cloud Communications solutions
Steve Lee
Korea Credic Life [KR]
Korea Credic Life instills hope and dreams to merchants by building up customer satisfaction together through excellent service
Fredrika Haneborg-Luhr
LUMEX A/S - London [NO]
Empowering OCR for demanding applications
Olgac Ergeneman
Magnes AG - Zurich [CH]
Wearable Sports PerformanceWearable Sports Performance Monitoring Systems - Introducing a magnetic-based powermeter for cycling. Monitoring Systems - Introducing a magnetic-based powermeter for cycling.
NuLink SA - Auvernier [CH]
Full Information and Communication System in one LTE Bubble
Optoline Co., Ltd. - ECULLY [KR]
Global Innovator, contributing technologies to individuals, customers, societies
Rune Bjerkestrand
Piql AS - Drammen [NO]
Ultra-secure data storage + long-term digital preservation provided as a managed service. Disruptive technology - turnkey holistic solution – commercially ready - first clients - global network of partners. A global and rapidly growing niche market!
Bo Eskerod Madsen
ReMoni ApS - Oestbirk [DK]
Energy and Technical Monitoring made easy, robust and cost-efficient.
Narcís Avellana
Sensing & Control Systems S.L. - Igualada [ES]
We develop IoT technologies and services around our proprietary IoT platform, allowing companies to connect products efficiently, manage data and seamlessly interact with their customers based on intuitive web interfaces and smartphone apps.
Joni Sayeler
Uppdragshuset AB - Stockholm [SE]
Top notch prior art search with focus on intellectual property rights (IPR) and development of innovation support tools for smarter IPR-decisions
Petter Taugbøl
Vallvi AS - Oslo [NO]
MrTaugbøl's consultancy business. The object for investment is a start up based on the OffPAD project
David Garcia Ternero
Wellness Telecom - Sevilla [ES]
We provide end-to-end solutions for the IoT new challenges,
Bodo Lange
Alacris Theranostics GmbH - Berlin [DE]
Alacris teams cutting-edge molecular analysis and bioinformatics with a revolutionary systems medicine modelling approach (ModCellTM), to better match patients to therapies (‘virtual patients’) and therapies to patients (‘virtual clinical trials’)
Life Sciences
Hongjoo Yi
Beesen Co., Ltd - Daejeon [KR]
Chairman, Director, Management of R & D Center with the help of a Council, which comprises research/development & quality control teams. They are subdivided into material/product analysis, formulation sections. Vice president control Financial, Sales dep
Life Sciences
Guillaume DuPasquier
DomoSafety SA - Lausanne [CH]
DomoSafety is a leading provider of behavior-based and medical data analytics in real-time to deliver preventive and proactive services to health professionals
Life Sciences
Ana Corrionero
Enzymlogic - Madrid [ES]
We develop a disruptive platform that reduces costs of bringing a new drug to market, increases the clients’ IP and boots the identification of more efficient and less toxic medicines, new therapeutic uses and alternative therapies when resistance appear.
Life Sciences
Unique efficient solution to DIVA problem in animal brucellosis, by marking classic vaccines with a protein sourced from a jelly fish
Life Sciences
Christer Ericsson
iCellate - Stockholm [SE]
iCellate detects cancer before there are symptoms.
Life Sciences
Werner E. G. Mueller
NanotecMARIN GmbH - Mainz [DE]
NanotecMARIN GmbH has developed genuine, innovative and morphogenetically active biomaterials for new regeneratively active implants; we are looking for investors. 
Life Sciences
Michael Oberle
NeMoDevices AG [CH]
NeMoDevices is an early stage company setting new standards and for monitoring essential brain blood flow and oxygenation for various pathological conditions from intensive care to anesthesia.
Life Sciences
Alfred Hansel
oncgnostics GmbH - Jena [DE]
oncgnostics develops - based on proprietary epigenetic markers - highly reliable molecular diagnostic tests for several aspects of cancer diagnostics such as screening, triage, personalized treatment.
Life Sciences
Nicolay Berard-Andersen
Respinor AS - Oslo [NO]
Respinor has broad medical device experience making the first ever ultrasound sensor that can stick to the skin. This device can help patients with respiratory problems and save millions in health care costs. We have a strong IP, EU funding from Eurostars
Life Sciences
Sana Alajmovic
Sigrid Therapeutics AB - Stockholm [SE]
Sigrid Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotech company specialising in metabolic health. Sigrid's first product under development is based on oral administration of precisely engineered porous silica particles.
Life Sciences
David Brown
BroadBit Batteries - Helsinki [FI]
Breakthrough sodium based battery innovations replacing and surpassing current lithium based batteries in terms of cost, energy, power, longevity and environmental friendliness.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Dhongwon Kim
KIMC - Busan [KR]
Convergence development into one from conventional system of damper, coupling and flywheel
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Mladen Perkov
Pro Integris - Zagreb [HR]
Pro Integris d.o.o. is a full service engineering and consulting firm providing services in energy automation. Our clients are generation, transmission and distribution organizations, and variety of industry companies and associations.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Rolf Luchsinger
TwingTec AG - Dübendorf [CH]
TwingTec unlocks huge unexploited wind resources to produce clean energy cheaper than fossil fuels
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

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